About Us

Imagine a world without music or a world without art – surely impossible, even for the most inventive. Both appear everywhere in our lives even when we are unaware they are there; whether hidden, sprinkled lightly, murmering to a gentle lullaby or painted with a glint to catch the eye. Both dance forward and mesmorise with their melody or lure us with brush strokes across the canvas. Compatibility is the key. Clive Harvey, flamenco guitarist, and Trevor Hills, musician and sound engineer, learned this to their mutual benefit many years ago.

Yet we need no imagination when music and art truly intertwine and imprint their relationship upon us. This is true evolution. A compelling experience; irresistible to all, with a combined energy and determination to be recognised and to be loved.

Marocana view this as a natural marriage, but as with any marriage sensitive handling is, as ever, required. By collaborating closely with their contributors Marocana have formulated bespoke interpretations by combining carefully crafted music compositions to enhance the artistic creations presented to them. Once music with art truly join together, action and reaction blend and flow and boundaries evaporate forever.

With their music, Marocana have endeavoured to paint their vision with an orchestra of sound across the spectrum. Having produced "Portraits of Picasso" for the BBC, as a homage to the artist, they have now moved on to celebrate fully the romantic union between music and art in its widest sense (music4art).

The experience can neither be resisted nor can the achievement be denied. Marocana have accumulated a wealth of experience and a true library of compositions across a variety of styles. They have explored this philosophy with an uninhibited compassion and artists are moved by their conviction.

In an age of constant change and innovation Marocana are perhaps uniquely placed to see this true union of music and art through to a universal acceptance and celebration.