Pierre Diamantopoulo

Pierre  Diamantopoulo


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I have known Pierre for most of my life.

It was not lost on me, as a child,, that our families had a special bond from their shared past. This remains important to us both and brought us back in touch.

My earliest memories of Pierre are of a determined and driven youngster destined to succeed. It was no surprise to me when I learned that he had become a highly accomplished sculptor. Yet only when I took up his invitation to one of his exhibitions did I come to realise the true level of what he had achieved.

His exhibits inspired an idea which I immediately pursued. I composed some bespoke samples of music and sound to form some dedications to a selection of his work. I presented them to him as a CD; now translated into a mini film for this new web site as though to depict a brief yet iconic period in Pierre's creative progression In true Dali style Pierre's figurative characterisations now shriek, stampede or simply balance in suspended animation as the story unfolds. Whilst time moves along ,seemingly ever quickly, and Pierre's many other later images evolve to explore further his thoughts and emotions, they all remain distinctly his.

My hope is that in some small way our new interpretations, set to movement and music, will prove worthy to honour the magic of his art and the primal energy of all that is, unmistakeably, Pierre Diamantopoulo.

Clive Harvey