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Paul Harvey


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Paul Harvey Photography

This DVD has been created as a hybrid composition adopting the transition from atmospheric framed photography to sequential imaging set to bespoke music and sound. Nostalgia is the unashamed overriding emotion with its innate sympathetic recognition for the past.

With his series of photographs Paul creates a sanctuary to nurture these subtle and gentle thoughts. It is here that Paul confirms his credentials as an acutely sensitive photographer and visual historian determined to record the essence and the atmosphere of the past and its people and to honour those days gone by.

Paul has always shown a keen eye for photography. He was also one of the first of his era to become addicted
to cine filming which fired his imagination as an enthusiastic young exponent. The combination of these acquired
skills were later to provide him with the vision to merge unfolding images into an evolving theme.

Some brief extracts form Paul's work are featured on this site which symbolise, in a sequence of sepia and soft portraits, the unstoppable progression of time. Simplistic in itself, the outcome is a perfectly crafted sympathetic dedication to that most treasured yet vulnerable of our emotions; nostalgia. Instantly recognisable for its sentiment, feared for its irresistible grip upon us, Paul's alluring allegorical depictions draw us helplessly into its romantic web.

With his sharpened awareness for landscape and its importance as a backcloth for the passage of human life, a cradle for reflective thought evolves and we can truly wallow in its memories.

Marocana's evocative adaptation of Tarrega's Recuerdos de la Alhambra, recorded for the BBC in their debut album, serves as a fitting tribute, and sympathetic accompaniment, to Paul's melancholic visualisations.
Clive Harvey