Gary Hume

Gary Hume


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Gary Hume Painting

Marocana's music, "Twin Souls" with it's adopted visual treatment binds together both the striking and the subtle that characterise Gary's work. We are reminded how coexistence struggles yet survives in a contradictory controversial modern world. A depiction where the vast and the magnificent may dwarf us from the skyline but where the patient and the resourceful may yet prosper in the light. The composition of this brief film is a tribute to the artist's skill.

Gary's art has a unique identity. A harnessed will that achieves an unmistakeable impact. Brazen stripes and uninhibited bold panels in orange, yellow purple and green are the bedrock of Gary's creativity.

Yet we crave to observe the courageous complexity of it all. Wave upon wave of strident framed images march across the canvas in a paintwork labyrinth defied only by the calmness and the charm of the artist's twisting foliage as it spreads it's touch like tissue to the eye.

There is much of the Picasso in Gary Hume. The audacious and the primitive, the childlike and the naive, always with the ability to shock and surprise before our unfailing scrutiny. Gary's abrupt angular shapes are made to collide as they hurl towards the screen. The fender guitar strives to mimic these with it's steel-strung antics which too are challenged and then washed away by the ebbing harmonies of the cello and spanish guitar. The incongruity of it all is complete as Gary's haunting image of Michael Jackson appears as an enigma that lingers long on the mind.
Clive Harvey