Carmen Tevar Igarza

Carmen Tevar Igarza


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Belly Dance

Carmen's compelling performances to Marocana's music on these DVDs confirm her intuitive spontaneity.

By adapting flamenco and eastern dance techniques she creates a unique mood blending perfectly with each composition.

Carmen's performances are both compelling and beautiful.

Carmen is one of those innately talented dancers, seemingly able to instantly grasp the essence and the spirit of any music she hears. She is a joy to work with. Her interpretations are full of intimacy and sensuality. Carmen dances with a consummate passion using both drama and subtlety to tantalising effect.

Both the Spanish and the ethnic are at the heart of Marocana's raison d'etre and Carmen has adopted
these traditions to her heart. In our representation for film she truly combines these core emotions into an hypnotic Moorish dance driven by the rhythmic scales of the Sitar, irresistible pulse of Indian tablas and the flamenco guitar.

Carmen simply mesmerises the audience with combinations of slow supple twists and turns as she evocatively dominates the stage. Through it all we witness a dancer utterly committed to her art and true to every performance; a joy to behold.